My work in painting and ceramics is strongly influenced by daily hikes in the surrounding forests and time spent sitting on the rocks staring out at the everchanging ocean. The rocks, the trees, the lichens and mosses, the surf, the sky (especially if grey and forbidding), the sound of creeks laden with water after a rain…all these experiences constantly pass over me and through me, guiding the outcome of my work.

Painting is a mixed media affair employing oils, pigments, plaster, and encaustic. Although it is often a struggle (the devil of uncertainty lies in wait), it is only through this struggle that satisfying work can result.

In contrast, working with clay comes second nature to me. The slow, contemplative process of coil building sustains and calms me. Once the piece is given over to the open flame, I can only wait and allow the crackle of the fire and the uncontrolled inevitability of smoke firing to produce its magic.

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